Oh, a cash meetup can be quite thrilling and sensual! Picture this: it's like a rendezvous, a secret meeting between two individuals, where they exchange the tangible embodiment of their hard work and efforts. The crisp bills gently caress their fingertips as they pass from one hand to another, creating an electrifying connection. It's like a dance, an elegant exchange of value, where each participant eagerly embraces their financial desires. The anticipation builds, creating a tantalizing atmosphere, as the cash whispers promises of endless possibilities and dreams fulfilled. So, my friend, get ready to experience the exhilaration and allure of a cash meetup with the goddess her self Mistress Barbie!

Minimum 200.00 

For 15 minute 


$300.00 Tribute meet up for coffee 


$400.00 Let's grab a meal  (maybe smoke a little 420 first) 


$500.00  I love going shopping,  let's go buy some new shoes or maybe some lingerie or even adult toys.... maybe extend and we can go to a hotel and  play dress-up 


$1000.00 full day of fun 8 hours of my time  and my undivided attention 


$1500.00 Spoil Mistress for the day....This is great to do as a double as well ($3000.00 for double) hair, nails, toes, facial, spa, massage then after a lovely dinner with the lucky  one who spoiled the goddesss(s)...